Tomi and Mimi were looking for things to do in New Delhi, India. Among their favorite things to do is visiting the Air Force Museum. Read on to see how Tomi and Mimi liked it.

What to expect

Based on the old airport of New Delhi, the Air Force Museum offers an overview of classic airplanes and historic flying machines. Walking around in the large hangar, you find WWII planes, Kamikaze, MIG25, MIG21, Krishak, as well as helicopters, trophies of war (with Pakistan) and lots of photos of Indian History, honoring pilots and celebrating victories. Tomi and Mimi thought it was very interesting to see all those old planes. Some even had bullet holes in them.

There is a small viewing gallery to see all the planes from above. Tomi and Mimi even found more Air Force planes behind the hangar. In front of the hangar they found big helicopters.

What to know before you go

As you enter the Air Force Museum complex you are welcomed by a security officer who will take down your name and ask for your ID. Usually one name per family will do, but it could be that all adults have to give their name and ID.

Entree tickets for the Air Force Museum

After signing in, you go to the ticket counter (a table) where you get your tickets. Foreigners pay 100 Rupees for adults and 50 Rupees for children. Indian nationals pay half the price. After that you can go and walk the grounds and hangar of the Air Force Museum. The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Plan your trip

Tomi and Mimi went on a hot June day and even though they were there early, they couldn’t beat the harsh heat. The hangar was thankfully shaded, but the heat was still overwhelming. Be prepared and bring some hydration drinks with you or at least some water, which you are allowed to take inside the complex.

Because of the heat, the children went through the gallery fast and then went on to the air-conditioned shop. Although small, it did offer some cute tchotchkas like pins, mugs, t-shirts (only adult sizes), magnets, clocks, models and more.

The Air Force Museum also has a little cafeteria. We didn’t make use of it, but it offered refreshments, sweats and snacks in an air-conditioned building. Tomi and Mimi thought it looked pretty nice with its large windows, located in the shady garden near the entrance.

How to get there

Follow the road signs to the Delhi domestic airport. Then turn right on Dwarka Road. The Air Force Museum is near Palam Air Force Station. Parking is available across the road.

We hope to see you soon in the Air Force Museum in New Delhi or at one of the other places we like to go, like the Rail Museum! Have you seen our post on delicious Ice Creams or Bakeries with the most delicious treats? See you soon! Bye Bye

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