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Chinese New Year

Tomi and Mimi made these cute Chinese Lanterns for Chinese New Year. It is very simple and a nice quick craft for at home. You just need some sturdy paper, scissors, glue and some markers or paint to decorate.

Come celebrate Lohri!

In the evening families or neighbors start a bonfire. Tomi and Mimi have a big bonfire in front of their house. There is music playing and people are going around the fire to throw corn kernels and popcorn in the fire. People are dancing to the rhythmic music of the drummers. They are eating Indian Naan bread baked in a fire oven outside. Everyone is having a great time.

Sneaky Mac&Cheese

Hmmm Mac'nCheese, gooey and cheesy and delicious. Tomi and Mimi love it, but their mother says it doesn't have any veggies, so it isn't that healthy... Doesn't matter! Tomi and Mimi just add some peas to it. Sneaky little children. Sometimes they add spinach to the...

Bears for Breakfast

Grrrrrrowl Good morning there all of you! Fancy having a bear for breakfast? Tomi and Mimi made one in their yogurt this morning with almond butter and raisins. It is very easy. And you can make other animals too if you like. Or use something else like honey or fruit....

Top 3 best Ice Cream in New Delhi

Luckily for you, Tomi and Mimi found some really good ice cream parlors. So when you everfeel like eating ice cream, you can go straight to the best ice cream in New Delhi.

Learn about Vietnam

Traveling is an amazing way to learn about new countries, cultures and people. When Tomi and Mimi heard they were going to visit Vietnam, they wanted to know all about this Asian country and they did that in a creative way, read on for tips and resources.

Adventure on an old Dutch Trading Ship

Tomi and Mimi sure love a good adventure. This story is about their adventure on an old Dutch trading ship. Look at the masts! Look at the cannons! Come along and find out what it is all about.

Cows in the street of India

Every day Tomi and Mimi look outside from their balcony to see the tuktuks, the cycle rickshaws, the dogs and the people in their colorful clothes. In the morning a pushcart with vegetables stops in front of the house. As well as a fruit cart.

Today they were looking out over the street of their house and they got a lovely surprise. Who do you think came at the door? Who was walking down the street? It was a cow! Yes indeed, and not just one, all day long cows walked on and off trying to get a bite to eat.

Top 5 best bakeries in New Delhi

when you crave some European baked goods like a palmier, croissant, quiche, eclair, macaron or opera, these are the best places to go. Check out the Top 5 best bakeries in New Delhi for a taste of home.

Map the World

Use your animal puppets to learn about the world! Tomi and Mimi happen to have a lot of animal puppets. Animals from all over the world; Polar bear, ostrich, zebra, koala, penguins, dogs, cows, even lions, tigers and a hippopotamus. Every morning they learn about the...

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