Tomi and Mimi are celebrating the Indian festival of Lohri in India

Tomi and Mimi are very excited, because the festival of Lohri has come. It is the festival of bonfires, peanut brittle, families gathering and good wishes.

Tomi and Mimi are in New Delhi, the capital of India. People are giving each other dried fruits, nuts and most of all nut brittle; nuts in caramel. The Lohri festival is mostly celebrated in January on the last day of the cold winter. It is the beginning of the warmer days. Winter will be over soon. The days will be longer so it won’t be so dark and cold anymore.

In the evening families or neighbors start a bonfire. Tomi and Mimi have a big bonfire in front of their house. There is music playing and people are going around the fire to throw corn kernels and popcorn in the fire. People are dancing to the rhythmic music of the drummers. They are eating Indian Naan bread baked in a fire oven outside. Everyone is having a great time.

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This is the first time Tomi and Mimi are celebrating Lohri. They love it very much. There is so much to see, the music makes them dance and the dried fruits are such delicious snacks. Their Dadi, grandma, told them this is also the time people write down words they don’t want in their lives, like pain or sadness, on a piece of paper. With Lohri they throw these papers in the bonfire. Seeing the fire burn their sad words makes it easier to start fresh and happy. A new sunny beginning.

Tomi and Mimi said they want to leave quarreling and crying behind in the bonfire. Instead they want to play together and share their toys. And what about sharing the peanut brittle and dried fruits? Maybe Tomi and Mimi will find that a good start for next years’ Lohri.

Happy Lohri everyone! bye bye

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