Tomi and Mimi are traveling and have been flying for a long time. Now they finally landed in India, a country in Asia. The capital of India is New Delhi and that is exactly where they are having their new adventures.

Every day Tomi and Mimi look outside from their balcony to see the tuktuks, the cycle rickshaws, the dogs and the people in their colorful clothes. In the morning a pushcart with vegetables stops in front of their house in India. As well as a fruit cart. Tomi and Mimi love to eat fruit and they can choose what they like; apples, bananas, guavas or exotic fruit like chikoo.

Today they were looking out over the street of their house in New Delhi and they got a lovely surprise. Who do you think came at the door? Who was walking down the street? It was a cow! Yes indeed, and not just one, all day long cows walked on and off trying to get a bite to eat.

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Tomi and Mimi were so excited, they wanted to share with you their travels, adventures and their stay in India. So we made a picture and posted it on this blog. Do you have any animals walking down your street? Or maybe you have seen some when you were traveling?

Tomi and Mimi will have more posts and pictures of their travels.
They hope you will enjoy. Have fun!

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