Craft cute Paper Penguins with Tomi & Mimi

Tomi and Mimi asked for a quick craft project and decided to make paper puppets. They choose penguins. Mimi said she didn’t like black and white penguins, so they picked their favorite colors; pink and blue and yellow for the beak. Oh, and they needed bowties, so bowties they got… Tomi and Mimi were done with these in under an hour, so it really was a fast craft. If you like to work with felt, try Tomi and Mimi’s felt puppets; They are easily changed into penguins too! For these Paper Penguins, Tomi and Mimi used things they had at home already:

  • colored paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • markers

First cut out the body of the penguin by cutting out a big pear shape. Then cut out the bellies, which is an oval shape about half the length of the penguin body. After that cut out the beak, which is a diamond shape. Fold it double and glue one half, so the beak looks like it is open. Next the feet. Fold a piece of paper double and cut out 1 foot. When you are done cutting, you will have two feet. Now repeat that trick for the wings. Fold your paper double and cut out a banana shape. Take the two paper pieces apart and you have two wings. Lastly, cut out a bow tie and glue everything on the penguin body. For a girl you can glue the bow tie on the head. For a boy the bow tie can be glued under the beak. Then paint two eyes. And your penguin is done! Now you can hang them on a string or let them dance, like Mimi is doing here …

If you are missing any craft supplies, there is no need to worry. We added a few links to order the supplies Tomi and Mimi use for their crafting (ask your mom and dad first of course). If you use these links Tomi and Mimi will get a small amount and that helps them to post their crafts and share their adventures.




Happy crafting! Bye bye


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